Lead Vocals  - Tom

Tom started performing with bands whilst in his teens and has played gigs in the UK and Europe spanning many musical genres. A Bowie fan from a young age he auditioned and began fronting the former Bowie tribute band, Diamond Dogs aged  22. After two years with the group he decided to leave in order to focus on writing and performing original music. In 2013 he started performing a few Bowie covers at acoustic open mic nights and smaller scale gigs. The response to these shows led him to put together a full band and so Bowiesque was born.

Favourite book: The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

Favourite film: The Elephant Man

Favourite Bowie track: Cat People

Lead Guitar and backing vocals - Dean  

Dean is the baby of the band which is highlighted by the number of times audiences have asked if he is 12 years old. Currently in his last year of study at BIMM in Brighton and has vast performing experience. He's been with Bowiesque since early 2016 and has fitted in really nicely. His current ambition is to be old enough to drive the tour bus.

Favourite Book: 1984

Favourite Film: Submarine

Favourite Bowie track: Sweet Thing

Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals -  Dan


Dan's musical career started with classical piano lessons when he was a young boy. A modest but exceptionally talented individual, he's busy in the band with keys, guitars and backing vocals. He's also largely responsible for our poster artwork.

Favourite Book: Ainsley's Ultimate Barbecue Bible

Favourite Film: Spiceworld

Favourite Bowie Track: Underground

Bass Guitar -  Jules

Born a long time ago to travelling minstrels, Julio began playing Bass after his love of early British heavy metal led to the inevitably of being in a band. Self taught to the point of masochism, he discovered that all good music is good music and began a journey of versatility that made him the player he is today. Able to play in many styles and always supportive of the song, Julio brings to rhythm sections what tomatoes bring to italian cooking. In his spare time he likes to invite infidels to explore the wonders of Joni Mitchell and revels in the joy of vintage speedboats.

Favourite Book:  Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Favourite Film: Withnail & I

Favourite Bowie Track: DJ 

Drums - Mark  

Mark is a quiet unassuming character that sits at the back and gently taps out a rhythm to help keep things in time. His vast musical experience covers orchestras, musicals, brass bands, rock bands, blues bands, big bands, function bands, you name it he's played it both at home and abroad. One of his major achievements is getting his Blue Peter badge for playing drums on the famous show. One of his major regrets is not having used said badge to get into an attraction for free whilst he was young enough. 

Favourite Book: Rupture by Simon Lelic

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Bowie Track: Oh, You Pretty Things